Victim Of Yourself
(Napalm Records)

This three-piece female thrash act definitely look mean enough in photos, (well, except for that girl on the right of this photo – she looks like she lost her best friend, or something… bad day at the photo shoot, I wonder?) but are they rough enough to stand out in the vastly populated thrash scene? The short answer is yes, and here’s why. First of all, we’ve got a drummer who’s not afraid to really let loose on the kit, as she hammers down more than a few tasteful drum fills and even rolls into machine-gun territory a few times. Secondly, we’ve got a guitarist who sets the place on fire with her odes to Destruction, Slayer, Exodus and Sepultura. But let’s not forget about the handful of prog melodies that come into the mix every now and again. You won’t hear them all too often, but they’re there to break up the monotony and combine with the drums to make wonderfully structured piece. Yet I’m forgetting about the third demon here, and that’s their front woman. She’s got a bark that sounds like it came from the very pits of hell itself, which is definitely on par with the male throated bark of what we’re all used to.

Seriously, these gals have quite a bit of muscularity and I think that thrash fans are going to take notice of the sheer amount of work and pure give-a-fuck mentality that has gone into this disc. Let me tell you something, if you can make a song that’s less than four minutes long sound like it’s got enough riffs and structure for a song that’s nearly twice that size, you’re doing something right. And not just in thrash metal, but in metal in general. Nervosa isn’t trying to hop aboard trends and this isn’t Butcher Babies Thrash Redux. Give “Wake Up And Fight” a listen, and you’ll be even reminded of Death in some areas, which is never a bad thing in metal. There’s not a sign of djent riffs on the disc, nor bubbly vocal harmonies or bubblegum riffs.

Now I know that there will be some guys out there who’ll say “look at these girls who wanted to jump out of the kitchen for a minute to play thrash.” But to be perfectly honest, these three vicious vixens are so good at their craft that they’ll have you washing the dishes and making the dinner for a change! Truly Nervosa put all anti-feminine metal misogynists in their place, showing that they’ve got more balls, piss and vinegar than a good chunk of the thrash bands that I’ve reviewed throughout the years. Check that review score again. That’s almost a perfect score folks, and I give it with good reason. I could definitely stack this one up against several of the thrashers I’ve heard this year and would say without question that’s it’s definitely one of 2014’s best. I don’t think enough people know about this album yet, but they should recognize the talent, precision and power that is being put onto display here. I’m actually kind of shocked to see that Butcher Babies is going to perform at Golden Gods and not these unmistakably skilled women. For if Nervosa had been on that main stage, then I daresay that we would have had a remarkable thrash performance… but there’s always next time, right guys? (Eric May)

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