Neutral Snap has a sort of throwback sound, doused with remnants of the 2000s radio punk. They meld pop punk, hardcore and rock into a sugary hook machine, sprinkled with allegedly humorous lyrics about life relationships. The lyrics are a bit on the cheesy side, which tends to happen when tongue in cheek. This is usually a detriment, but they are able to make it work to their advantage, adding to the fun of the song. A lot of bands follow the sweet pop punk with hardcore breakdown formula, Neutral Snap may already be doing it better than their peers of both today and yesteryear.

Its not too difficult to determine their influences. New Found Glory, Fallout Boy and Set Your Goals have their fingerprints all over the songwriting on Tell Me How I Feel, with Neutral Snap nailing the sound while adding a little spin of their own. They take the best parts of each band, molding them together for an enjoyable listening experience. Every verse bounces like a trampoline and each chorus is a memorable sing along.

Most of the songs follow the same recipe, with “Shady Oak” being the exception. Its darker and more aggressive; powerful but without a hook. It seemed that they wrote the song to add a bit of post hardcore to their music, which feels somewhat out of place. A good song, but the black sheep of the album.

Tell Me How I Feel is an album that is enjoyable off the bat and gets better with each additional listen. Neutral Snap is a young and exciting band that excel at writing fun and catchy songs. This is a band deserving of the ears of pop punk fans. Its pure bubblegum, but with a long lasting flavor.

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