New Found Glory
(Hopeless Records)

“Selfless,” the opening track and lead single of Resurrection, properly marks the return of NFG like an overcharged alarm, bursting forth with an exhilarating, energetic power. From it alone, listeners can postulate that the band has reached backwards into their handbag of tricks and found something that is, not only, a balanced mixture of their best work throughout the years, but also refreshing, honest, and thoroughly enjoyable. From there, Resurrection – New Found Glory’s eighth studio full length – only continues to impress and excite.

Following “Selfless,” the title track then comes to play, and it hits hard throughout (especially during its breakdown, which features Scott V. of Terror). Next, we have “The Worst Person,” which is fueled by the kind of raw aggression we heard during the Tip of the Iceberg EP. Again, Resurrection only continues to succeed as it goes along. “One More Round” is bouncy, fun, and catchy as hell; “Vicious Love” soars with a lighthearted attitude that is both poignant and lax; “Angel” seems to be a throwback to Coming Home, only better and sharper; and “On My Own” closes the album defiantly.

New Found Glory has returned with a golden record here. Resurrection comes very close to the level of greatness led by Catalyst for this particular fan, and lands at the number two spot for the band’s discography (followed by the band’s self-titled effort). It comes highly recommended for all fans; no matter when they joined or even if they are even (somehow) new to the band. Even after a month of having it on frequent rotation here, I still can’t get enough of Resurrection. Praise NFG. (Nathaniel Lay)

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  1. Fantastic album. Perfect blend of old school and NFG with a recent twist. Every song on the album has something I thoroughly enjoy and scarcely few things I didn’t.

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