Nothing To Be Gained Here
(Triple Crown)

Coming completely out of nowhere is NK (formally known as North Korea) with their brand new album Nothing To Be Gained Here. While the abruptness of the first sentence might seem like I’m going to give a haphazard review, rest assured that is not what’s about to happen to your eyeballs. This band takes the concept of experimentation and experiments with that, all while retaining somewhat of a foundation of hardcore and hip-hop to create a bastard child of dissonance. Oh, and it has Bill from The Dillinger Escape Plan and Ryan from Envy On The Coast, but NK only retains a fragment of their other band’s influence in the music.

Banging out with a hard hitting, sludgy riff, “Confessional” gets off to a great start. It’s almost as if Dillinger slowed down the tempo in a big way while still retaining the spastic and randomness of their sound. Spacey yet hard hitting, it’s nothing what you would really expect from the band. They did open for Fall Out Boy on their spring tour, so there is an element of accessibility that will draw people from varied musical backgrounds. “Memo” brings in a atmospheric Deftones quality into the album in ways that is uncanny, yet it feels so right to listen. The experimentation continues with the progressive rock tune “Customer,” the random lyrical workout on “Shoulder Gorilla,” and the indie/alternative hybrid “Vacation Days.” If you’re open-minded with your music, then this is the album for you. It’s a great album to turn on at a gathering or party and just let it play. (Ridge Briel)

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