The new, self-titled album from No Bragging Rights is just so damn good. I normally don’t like to get straight into compliments when reviewing music. I usually like to expand on different ideas or thoughts that come to mind when jamming the new tunes, but when listening to this seven-track banger of a release, all I can think is, “this is so f*cking good!

No Bragging Rights have accomplished quite the feat here. They have crafted a serious musical journey that takes the listener on a wild ride of unique transitions, heartfelt vocal work and lyricism, ripping instrumentals, hypnotic harmony work, gang vocals, and earth-shattering breakdowns. We know that No Bragging Rights isn’t a new name in the world of hardcore music, but it’s so refreshing to hear a band put out a release that’s unique while at the same time keeping true to the elements that garnered them fans in the first place.

There are some serious meanings behind these tracks too. The single “Breaking Point” shines a light on Intimate Partner Violence, toxic relationships, and finding the power within to rise above and overcome. Speaking on the single’s themes, vocalist Mike Perez comments:

“Intimate Partner Violence is what is portrayed in the lyrics but the song could have just as easily been a job, a career, a family crisis, or an existential crisis. We have people, things, or situations in our lives that make us feel powerless or dependent. The fear of failure or embarrassment can keep us feeling trapped and helpless,” Perez reflects, adding “Even when we are knocked to our knees, we do not have to stay there. We can leave an abusive relationship. We can find fulfilling work. We can work to improve whatever difficult situation we find ourselves in.”

I thought for a while I wanted to try and choose a favorite track. That ended up being a total waste of time. Each track on this album flows into the next in such a way that taking a single piece out of the equation and calling it a favorite would not do this thing justice. This album is best enjoyed from start to finish. I just can’t wait to catch these guys live so I can mosh out to these new songs.

The tracks totally rip; they have a serious meaning behind them; they’re beautifully crafted, and they all work together to build an anthemic and powerful release. I had no choice but to give five stars here. You can listen to the new album wherever you stream music. You can also grab your own physical copy of the album here.


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