No Idea
Jag Hatar Punk
(Beer City Skateboards And Records)

This Swedish band recorded these songs way back in 1986, when crossover and hardcore were getting popular, but they never made a splash like some of the other bands of the time. This is kind of finding money in an old jacket, cool and unexpected, and very welcome.

The band is hard-hitting, with short, to the point songs that waste no time and grab you right away with their power and energy. They are not the tightest players, but the exuberance displayed more than makes up for the roughness of the music. The vocals are a bit gruff, but not bad and they are easy to understand, if you know Swedish that is. The band plays balls out, and reminds me of how well this type of music could be if played be a decent band, since so many mediocre bands jumped on the crossover bandwagon back then. Since not too many bands play this style anymore, it’s a cool thing to hear now and of course think back to my youth in the ‘80s and remember hearing this band back then, but sadly not this album…until now that is.

With the remastered sound, this makes for a damn fine listen that will raise your heart rate and get your ass up out of your chair to find some people to slam with. A blast from the past that is a definite blast to listen to and, since they got back together again, something to look forward to hearing in a live setting hopefully.

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