No One Mind
(Third Uncle Records)

No One Mind is a break up record, of sorts. Formed out of the ashes of an imploded band, Ellis Anderson, Noah Dehmer and Missy Thangs created No One Mind as an outlet to vent their frustration and anger of their previous group’s not so friendly break up. And kiss offs never sounded so good.

The nine-song record is a low-fi experiment in angular guitars, weird noise clusters and at times abrasively atonal constructions with a little traditional rock and pop elements added in for good measure. And for the most part it works – quite well in fact. There is some fumbling here and there, like on the instrumental “Revenge,” but more often than not, the experiments lead to creatively inventive songs, like “I Don’t Know Who You Are,” with the droning organ/synth back up or “Grey Days,” the band’s closest thing to a traditional pop song.

The debut from this North Carolina band draws on everyone from The Velvet Underground to Robert Pollard, but it’s clear that hurt feelings and angry were the prime inspirations behind “No One Mind.” The result is impressively satisfying.

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