North Alone
Cure & Disease
(Country Bumpkin Records)

If done right, harder-edged folk-rock acts like North Alone can really hit close to home. There’s just something about a raspy-voice over an acoustic guitar that tends to stir up emotions, though the vocal stylings of singer/guitarist Manuel Sieg may be just a tad too harsh for the casual listener for this type of stuff. While some tracks may contain a bit more country twang than some may care for (“Old Dog Barking”), songs like “The Road Most Traveled” and “Missing Heart Shadow” are so good, they more than make up for it. I can’t really decide if North Alone have won me over completely or not, and although they may not be quite at the level of Chuck Ragan or Frank Turner, if nothing else, they’re at least worth a fair try. (Jesse Striewski)

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