Florida-based singer/songwriter Northbound, is certainly an artist to watch. Starting as an acoustic solo project by Jonathon Fraser, Northbound has slowly become a hybrid of a full touring band also doubling as a live, acoustic act.

The new album, Soul Kiss, demonstrates both acoustics and full band aspects. The songs can easily be converted to live acoustic or full band as needed. This duality is vital to understanding Northbound as a whole.

Each song seems very personal and packed with emotions. “Bad Blood” and “Tall Buildings” are some of the highlights. They each exemplify the two dynamics of the band. “Bad Blood” is a perfect blend of a live band that makes you want to dance but shows vocals that are heavy with emotion.

“Tall Buildings” contracts that. It is short and sweet but focuses mainly on the lyrics and vocals. It is everything enjoyable about an acoustic singer/songwriter. It feels very raw, like a glimpse into Northbound at a personal level.

All the songs feel very personal in a way that the listener can really connect with the lyrics as well as the music behind the vocals. Each song does a good job showing how Northbound are able to diversify their music. Between the happy-sounding, upbeat songs that would be perfect for introducing listeners to Northbound, to slower, acoustic songs that are perfect for connecting with a crowd, Northbound is a well-rounded, versatile band.

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