The Golden Ratio

I have no idea what’s in the water over there in France, but these guys apparently got together and said, “What would happen if we mixed a band like The Deathstars with a band like Septic Flesh or The Monolith Deathcult,” winding up with this unparalleled monstrosity of brilliance. But that is exactly what this odd, but successful experiment happens to be. For those of you who might be wondering what in the heck something like that would sound like, take note of the catchy opener “The Sky Of Babylon” which is very much in the goth-drenched electronica of The Deathstars and its follow-up “Annunaki 3:45,” which has the orchestral laden death growl fare of anything you might expect from current Septic or Deathcult. At this point, you might say “that’s nice and all, but these guys can’t keep it up throughout the whole album, can they?”

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. As a matter of fact, “We Are The Sun” sounds just like a Deathstars track, with the Octavion frontman literally stealing the vocal chords right out of the Deathstars crooner and probably during a recording session at that! (The Deathstars are currently working on an as of yet untitled album.) Yet the band also manages to pepper this track with thick death metal growls, making it one of the catchiest metal tracks that I’ve heard all year. Things continue to move forward with “Brotherhood Of The Snake” a thunderous orchestral death metal track and the death dance of “Prophecy.” If you’re wondering why I’ve used death and dance in the same sentence, then you’ll simply have to hear the dance-club ready lesson in demonology yourself.

Even though the band doesn’t get quite as punishingly heavy as The Monolith Deathcult or Septic Flesh can be at times, they still manage to fill the disc with thick riffs and monolithic mounds of vocal gravel that definitely register in the brain as “death metal.” Yes, the term “electronic death metal” does seem to fit this seemingly pro-Illuminati act quite nicely, yet in the same regards, it’s quite odd that there would be a band that actually stands for this kind of stuff. Whether it be a marketing trend or an honest belief, Octavion have swiped me with a sucker punch from behind. If this is the music of the New World Order, then it’s certainly better than the music of the current one. (Eric May)

Purchase The Golden Ratio here: http://octavion.bandcamp.com/


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