As It Is
(Fearless Records)

As It Is may not be a household name quite yet, but considering their label debut (of 2015) was highly acclaimed, and their brand new sophomore effort is certainly praise worthy, the five-piece could very well hit that mark with 2017. The album, titled Okay., is split between pop-punk highs and power rock roughness (which, coming in half way, is a bit surprising at first). In the first half of the record, As It Is are very much upbeat and sugary. “Pretty Little Distance” has the swoon of an old school, Drive-Thru band; “Okay” is an obvious anthem, making its choice to represent the album rather clear; and “Curtains Close” properly shows the band’s softer side, and it’s about perfection. It’s with “No Way Out” that the band takes things a little darker. Lyrically and vocally, the track has an edgier approach; it’s spoken, then shouted, bridge is quite memorable, and marks the album’s transition into some interesting territory. It’s then followed by “Soap”, a personal favorite with its continuous aggression from start to finish. The final tracks don’t take these paths, but are also more focused on energy over the pop sensations, making them more action worthy in volume.

Okay. is smoothly divided between the infectiously upbeat and surprisingly “gritty”, making for a rock record evenly pleasing to pop and punk fans alike. Genuine, catchy, and youthfully energetic, As It Is has returned with something worth putting on your radar.

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