Norwegian metal/punks Okkultokrati return with their first album in four years, which is the longest they’ve gone between releases. Their previous album, Raspberry Dawn, pushed their goth and darkwave influences to the forefront, while La Ilden Lyse (which roughly translates into “keep the fire burning”), puts those influences on the back burner and brings their punk side to the forefront, as almost every track on the album ups the speed, to a rocking Motorhead-esque pace, while layering in the goth parts of their sound as accents, adding mood and atmosphere.

This decision to “up the punks” works wonderfully for a band that is known for changing up their style, record after record. At this point, the band has become an entity unto themselves because nobody does it quite the way they do it. It’s wholly original and will knock you right out of your black jeans and t-shirt.

Granted, it’s still got a bit of a chilly atmosphere to it, but it’s like the band just decided they wanted to rock the fuck out on this one and just went for it. You have to applaud them for their decision, because this is one of the grimmest, coldest, and rocking-est (is that even a word?) punk/metal hybrids that you’re likely to find out there.

This all adds up to another exciting dose of Okkultokrati music. It’s amazing the way they are able to mutate their sound from album to album while keeping their identity. This is a trait to be celebrated in an age of cookie-cutter metal bands. So, in these dark days, why don’t you blast some dark and exciting, loud rock to chase away the quarantine blues?

La Ilden Lyse will keep your fire burning high and hot.

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