This sophomore album from these 3 gentlemen from Brooklyn brings us right back to the early days of ’90s college rock on a listen that’s as bright and varied as its intriguing cover art. 

After the opening warm, melodic guitar rock of “Ten Times Tinnitus”, the trio burst into the charged riffing of “Customers”, where ’90s alt-rock sensibilities are dripping with swirling influenced glam-rock. An album where the songs all float around the 3 minute mark, there’s much variety to be found in the subdued “Final Days Of Nineteen”, where a violin enters the equation, while the classic rock fueled “Legacy Act” even recruits thicker moments of almost Sabbath like thundering. The band are at their best, though, when incorporating pop into their punk roots, as the punchy power-pop of “Award Show” and the brief, jangly fun of “Amour Phuss” clearly illustrates. 

If legends like Big Star, Pavement and Teenage Fanclub have consumed any considerable part of your life, Umpteenth certainly deserves a spot in your collection, too,  and prepare to spend much time with its unassuming, glorious retro-rock.

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