Pathology don’t do anything new. They play straight forward and bone crunching death metal with harsh, deep vocals, killer breakdowns and the precision required to play it well. The Everlasting Plague hits like a brick wall to the face. It’s a powerful addition to their already impressive discography.

“A Pound of Flesh” kicks Pathology’s 11th album off with an ambient string led build up that sounds straight out a tense scene from a thriller or horror movie. The suspenseful part lasts for only 50 seconds (and not included in the music video), but it builds perfectly into the opening riff, a melodic and near victorious sounding guitar lead over fast drums. They play through the riff twice before Obie Flett comes in with his guttural growl. While short, this is a great album introduction, as it build the stage for the audible onslaught that take place in the coming 40 minutes of music.

The music doesn’t break any creative ground, but it doesn’t need to. Pathology have mastered the death metal style and its best that the stick to their strengths instead of trying to branch out like some bands do. Fans know exactly what to expect with The Everlasting Plague: creative riffs over speedy drums with deep voice vocals and breakdown after breakdown. This is a band that knows how to create brutal and intense breakdowns, similar to Dying Fetus or Cephalic Carnage. While all of the breakdowns are fantastic, the ending of “Perpetual Torment” stands out from an impressive bunch.

The musicianship of Dave Astor (drums), Daniel Richardson (guitar) and Ricky Jackson (bass) is technical and on point. The double bass drum playing is remarkable, sounding like a sprint over already fast paced drumming. The riffs are creative, heavy but with a lot of melodic overtones. The bass playing is solid and thick. There is a lot of depth to the music and always something new to catch the ear. They also end the album with “Decomposition of Millions,” one of the most ferocious instruments in memory

Pathology are a band that play death metal music for death metal fans. They don’t throw in any curveballs and keep the album brutal throughout the 12 tracks. The Everlasting Plague is a must listen for fans of heavy music.

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