Peace At All Costs
(Century Media)

Riding high on the popularity of “I Don’t Apologize” and “Soldiers,” from their full-length debut album, True Love Never Dies, Otherwise is back with their sophomore album, Peace At All Costs. Already playing on the same bill with notable bands like Hinder, Three Days Grace, All That Remains, as well as Adrian Patrick’s collaboration with Maria Brink from In This Moment, this Las Vegas, NV five-piece is setting rock radio ablaze with their incendiary tracks. With impassioned lyrics by Adrian Patrick (lead vocals), searing guitars (Ryan Patrick and Andrew Pugh), and a killer rhythm section (Corky Gainsford on drums and Vassilios Metropoulo on bass), Otherwise is truly a band that all hard rocking fans should keep an eye out for.

Peace At All Costs is full of energy and vigor right out of the gate. As a result, the term sophomore slump obviously does not apply here. The first full-length track, “Love & War,” sets the tone for the entire album. This is a high-energy tune filled with good old fashion gritty rock and roll.

“Darker Side of the Moon,” the record’s third song and first single, is another moderately heavy rocker. It’s a bit formulaic in nature, but like with all great rock songs, it’s a formula that works. With some crunchy guitar licks, in your face drumming, strong vocals, and a memorable hook, it’s easy to see why this is quickly becoming a fan favorite that can be heard over the radio airwaves from coast to coast.

“Demon Fighter” is a melodic tune with a big chorus full of poetic imagery and raw emotion. Moreover, “Coming For the Throne” is a slick number with a sexy groove and a fist-pumping beat.

“Walk Away” is a quintessential breakup song about love and loss. But it’s worth noting how Oherwise retells the same old story. It’s not so much about the aftermath of a failed relationship as it is about the pivotal moment when an epiphany is reached – the lovers realize “the fire in the center is slowly burning out.” Patrick’s delivery is heartfelt as he sings:

Just walk away
Cuz love don’t life forever
Far from the pain
The scars you will remember

Further depth and emotional intensity is felt with the use of an acoustic guitar combined with vocals that switch back and forth between additional band accompaniment. This track will surely resonate with anyone that has survived heartache in the name of love.

Filled with some monster fills and satisfying guitar work, “For The Fallen Ones” is one of the heaviest tracks on the album. It definitely picks up the pace and sets the tone for the next few songs to come. Furthermore, “Fate Is Your Enemy” has an old school Stone Temple Pilots flavor to it. It’s a great song about seeing someone for who and what he or she truly is. Patrick warns, “Fate is your enemy now.” And hopes the individual will “Choke as [he/she] sallow[s] it down.” There is even as well placed scream of anger and frustration that adds a nice touch to the end.

The album concludes with the highly impressive “Man on Fire.” Not only is this song polished and completely radio ready, but also it’s a power ballad that is reminiscent of the 80s hair bands. Otherwise has not only managed to incorporate trappings of yesteryear, but also integrate their own style and artistry to create something new. Beginning this track with piano and vocals creates a pensive feeling of sadness – obviously many loose ends remain. Somehow, the gut wrenching feeling of words left unexpressed, and may never be shared are accurately depicted in this song. The well-placed guitar solo is also a nice finishing touch.

With each album, Otherwise continues to grow and improve. They are a sleeper band that has been playing the LA scene for years, but is finally managing to gain a national following, and for good reason. Their music is poetry. (Kara Kulpa)

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