Modern Meta Physic, Peel Dream’s Magazine’s debut album, is inspired by the sounds of The Velvet Underground and the best years of Stereolab.

Modern Meta Physic is for the wanderlusters of time, vinyl collectors, and vintage lovers. You will take a ’90s trip down memory lane into the “fuzzy-psychedelia” era. The record is a bit mod-ish, incorporating lo-fi pop sounds with heavy use of melodic synthesizers and guitar rhythms.

“Qi Velocity”, the first track off the record, has an offset tempo that incorporates elements of French- op. The lo-fi pop parts slowly slip away as the album progresses. You will hear smoother synth-pop melodies, vocals, and transitions like “Deetjen’s” and “Fires,” two tracks that happen to be my favorite tracks off the record.

Peel Dream Magazine is the epitome of independent music. They take a very different approach to the “post-modern pop” genre and have a DIY sound that definitely makes heads turn.

Purchase the album here. 

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