Early Sounds For Night Owls EP

With just four tracks and something like a seven and half minute run time, New England art-punks Perennial offer a blink-and-you-will-miss-it, drive-by look through the window of post-hardcore history. Through minimal focus and a tight hand on the reins, not much more is needed to make this introductory EP a success; leaving the listener wanting more, not for what may be lacking but for how good it is.

The trio find their strength in both a well thought out philosophy–their espoused “Punk Modernism”—which provides that tight focus, but also to the irresistible catchiness provided by the songwriting chops of Guitarist/Vocalist Chad Jewett and Keyboardist/Vocalist Chelsey Hahn. That duo have been previously known as Lion Cub, unsung heroes of Indie Pop goodness, who hopefully will find more acclaim with this new endeavor.

The only thing lacking from this lean, mean collection of songs is that hallmark Post-Punk bass sound which historically has provided the backbone to plenty of bands with whom Perennial share their DNA, from Wire to Jawbox. There are practical reasons to exclude it for sure–a minimal power trio which includes a keyboardist isn’t wanting in the low end–but a sharp pick attack and interesting figures would have perhaps balanced out Jewett’s riffing and shouting and brought a little more nuance to the maxed out sonic landscape of Will Killingsworth’s production. (Dylan Hensley)

Purchase Early Sounds For Night Owls here.


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