Pkew Pkew Pkew
Pkew Pkew Pkew
(Royal Mounted Records)

Pkew Pkew Pkew call themselves the “Lance Armstrongs of music” a bizarre distinction that I frankly don’t understand. What is obvious though, as clear as the grimy bandages on their elbows, is that the Toronto quartet have crafted a divinely summer focused self-titled album of skate punk that’s must listen for the dog days.

Someone might dismiss this as one trick, too drunken and bird brained to take seriously. I’m not going to eschew the idea that this a youthful look backward, but there is an air of universality all over Pkew Pkew Pkew from the concern over having to spend time around a whole bunch of assholes (“Prequel To Asshole Pandemic” and “Stop Calling Us Chief”) to relishing in life’s small and painful victories (“Blood Clot” which spins on the line, “at least you landed it”) to delight in laughing at the clichéd douche bags that run rampant in skate circles (“Mid-20’s Skateboarder”).

The guys in Pkew cubed love singing about drinking (a lot) from the hilarious refrain “let’s order a pizza/I gotta eat something I throw up” on “Let’s Order A Pizza” to the joy of pre-night of drinking drinking, “Before We Go Out Drinking”. Perhaps the best song on the album, most emblematic of what blow hard nostalgia these guys want to thumb their noses at, is “Glory Days” as opposite the Bruce Springsteen classic as you’ll find, a song that starts off sweetly enough but quickly delves into the snide claims that “if those were your glory days/well I’m glad I wasn’t around/if those were your glory days/you must be real shitty now.”

This record isn’t exactly rocket science. But according to these four snot-nosed rockers from north of the border, who really cares about rockets? There is a hell of a lot more to life than straight and narrow, button down. (Erick Mertz)

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