The Planet Smashers
Mixed Messages
(Stomp Records)

The Planet Smashers have been around for twenty years now, long enough to outlive the groups of awful third-wave ska that was pushed down people’s throats way back then. They now have given us their eighth album and it sounds even better than my expectations could have hoped for. The ska is a nice mixture of waves one, two and three and works beautifully together.

These thirteen songs are filled with energy and a sense of fun that will even get this old guys ass up of the couch and start to skank around the living room as if I was still a youngster. This group from Montreal, Quebec has fallen off of my radar since I move to America ten years ago, but the old albums were still getting played and now I have to go out and get the ones that I have missed since moving here. I always liked ska and this band has never failed to impress me, but this one really stands out. “Never Die Old” kicks things off with a bang and gets you into a nice groove that continues into “Tear It Up” with the fantastic organ playing that makes it a stand out. My favorite song is “You Guys Are Assholes, Let’s Party” which will definitely be a live highlight with the sing-a-long, drinking song vibe. “Scientific Explanation” starts off with a cool 8 bit opening that made me miss the old video games of my youth and has a nice mix of ska and new wave.

This was a truly enjoyable experience that made me remember my youth and put a smile on my face and got me dancing until I was ready to fall over. It shows that after twenty years, these guys still can put out and album of quality and pure enjoyment that few can pull off. (Rick Ecker)

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