Rock band Prince of Lilies are set to release their debut record, Vent on September 24 via Grunge Pop Records.

The record showcases an array of sounds, almost hinting at a subtle indie-vibe throughout the tracks.

Kicking off with “Mid Life Crisis,” listeners can hone in on a robust melody met with a crisp delivery. 

Tracks such as “Come Back to Be” are swift, short and to-the-point, focusing on raw and nimble guitar-solo. The track stays stagnant in an entertaining way.

Later on the record, fans will find “How Will I Know” highlights the band’s ability to create a song with profound depth, with melodies filled with grace and familiar energy.

Next comes another quick song, “Starsong,” constructing unique drum beats alongside slightly distressed vocals that accelerate throughout.

“Black and Blue” fits the overall theme of the record, seeming to stretch out some notable pop sounds alongside gritty-vocals.

The album closes out on “The Man Underground” speaking to the overall theme of the record, introducing faint transitions, making the record feel complete.


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