Ruining Lives

When looking back on the year of heavy metal that was 2012, you’d be hard-pressed to find an album that caught the rock/metal world by surprised as much as Prong’s Carved Into Stone. Granted, that year had some pretty awesome stories and pretty great records, but Prong had truly seemed to capture their momentum back. Part of this was due to them playing shows celebrating their thrash metal masterpiece Beg To Differ, but nobody expected them to put out such an awesome record. Now just 2 years separated from the release of Carved, the band has returned with a new record and surely they’ve lost their momentum and gone back into obscurity right? Nope.

Musically, this record does more of the same type of elements that made Carved so great. It employs Tommy Victor’s amazing ability to write a hook, throws in some bone-crushing groove and peppers on a little of the old Beg To Differ-era thrash, a recipe that has worked perfectly as of late. One of the things that made Carved so great was how memorable the songs were, but it feels like Ruining Lives has even more of those types of songs, especially the title track and “Self Will Run Riot”, both are perfect at making you snap your fingers while also snapping your neck at the same time. Honestly, there’s really not much to say about the record, because it, as well as the band’s reputation, pretty much speak for themselves. (Brandon Ringo)

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