X No Absolutes

Tommy Victor is a bad ass. In nearly thirty years of playing heavy metal he has covered practically every ground, and been able to do it in his band Prong.

He’s back again with killer riffs and a heavy heavy something. Yes, something, something that could only be described as Prong. The melody, crunching grove, industrial twang, and visceral vocals of the honed and hardcore Tommy Victor are back – for a tenth time.    X “No Absolutes” offers no surprises. Prong are freaking metal, and there is nothing else to say. They’re not trying to reinvent the scene, they’re not artsy fartsy, and they’re — wait hold on, let me break from thought to appreciate this solo on “Sense of Ease.”

Oh yeah, that’s the spot.

Tommy Victor has chugged away at history’s monolithic wall of heavy metal. His name is definitely etched in the Hall of Heroes. Listening to this album gives me some kind of happiness. I feel good knowing that this album is presenting the real shit in an age that seems to be losing its touch.

Victor’s guitar playing is very emotionally driven, and his expressive talent couldn’t be featured better than on “Do Nothing,” which is certainly up there now on my list of favorite Prong songs.

Prong’s tenth album, much like their previous release Ruining Lives, is a vicious assault with Tommy at the helm, delving into personal feelings, paranoia, and an enduring spirit that will overcome all odds.

But really though, those riffs. So smooth, so much groove. (Nicholas Pendergast)

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