How To Clean Everything (20th Anniversary Edition)
(Fat Wreck Chords)

When this came out in 1993 Propagandhi had a few things going for them. First, they were on one of the best punk rock labels in the business. Second, they spewed sharp, political and social commentary and played tuneful, melodic punk rock. During this period bands with Propagandhi’s subject matter sounded like Nausea (not that there’s anything wrong with Nausea, mind you). Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, they had a refreshing sense of humor.

Twenty years later all of those things still hold true, and here you get 3 songs that weren’t on the original LP (all of which surfaced at some point on 7”’s, and collection LPs) as well as 4 demo versions of their NOFX-ish, charged, pogo-friendly punk rock. If you somehow never heard this stop whatever you’re doing right now and pick it up. For those already familiar, the bonus tracks are definitely worth the investment and you even have the option to purchase a Tab Book. I think we can all agree that over two decades these guys have become more than just ‘a faded sticker on a skateboard’ right? (Tom Haugen)

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