Native Detroiters, Protomartyr, are back for round five with their new record, “Ultimate Success Today” (Domino Records) dropping July 17. Protomartyr takes a deep dive into the mire of humanity and American life. Dropping during the most inescapable event in recent history, “Ultimate Success Today” offers candid commentary on modernity. 

The album starts with the song “Day Without End,” an eccentric kick in the teeth that keeps you on your toes. It’s nearly panicked cymbals remind me of the anxious feeling you get when you’re about to walk into a party. 

Joe Casey’s well-rounded vocals bring an air of sexy urgency, backed by a wall of sound that perfectly showcases the emotional uncertainty within the lyrics. 

“Bridge and Crown” takes on a blues-inspired groove with eloquent lyrics. It’s sound washes the listener in controlled chaos- drowning out any inner monologue. The sheer magnitude of this track makes it stand tall against any competition.

This record is exceptional and is the perfect distraction to the world outside the doors. Hinging itself on intellectual prowess and a Midwest emo vibe, Protomartyr has outdone themselves with this record. Blending their energy and technical expertise to craft a cornucopia of sound, “Ultimate Success Today” is one of the best alternative albums of the season. 

“Ultimate Success Today” will be available to stream on platforms and is currently up for pre-order.

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