Tales of a Melancholic
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Pryti is a singer/songwriter based in the UK. Her music is emotional and strikingly impactful. It’s not the most dynamic music you’ll hear this year, but her songwriting is very competent, allowing the whole album to breeze by. What also anchors Tales of a Melancholic is the unique mix of genres. Pryti’s sound is mostly steeped in grunge and hard rock, with a sound that evokes both Red and Deftones. I even hear a bit of Lacuna Coil here.  However, there is a not-so-subtle metallic undercurrent. It’s not quite doom, but much like metal masters Katatonia, Pryti’s music embodies the feel of doom and gloom. Every song is evocative and can feel downright oppressive. The best example of this mix is “Angst”, which showcases Pryti at her heaviest and most melodic. The metallic edge is allowed to peak out of the grey clouds a bit, but you won’t find much in the way of a silver lining.

However, Pryti’s best asset is her voice. Clearly, her songwriting chops are notable, but she has a wonderful, full voice that is an interesting mix of Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) and Katy Perry (no really). Pryti’s voice is impressive when she’s crooning and belting out (see the bridge in “Purge”). It allows melodies to stick and weave their way into your cranium. “Ghost” is downright haunting in all the right ways. In an era where it seems women in rock and metal are either marginalized or sexualized, it’s quite pleasant to hear another (yes, there are tons of talented ladies, you baboon) fantastically talented female. This release isn’t great because it’s made by a female; it’s a great release that happens to be written by a lady. Maybe in a few years I won’t have to say things like this. Regardless, Pryti’s voice is downright pretty.

Unfortunately, Pryti hasn’t quite yet reached melancholic perfection. Most of these songs hover in the midtempo range, and while she’s clearly effective at plodding numbers, the moments where she varies her attack are the album’s standouts (see “Angst” and “Battle Wounds”). It seems like she held back a bit, seemingly to keep the feel of the album, but hopefully Pryti expands her pallet a tad on her next release. That said, with its unique sound, Tales of a Melancholic is a successful hard rock album in an era where I never thought I’d type those words. (Nicholas Senior)

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