Psyclon Nine
Order of the Shadow : Act I
(Metropolis Records)

Being a fan of Metropolis Records acts like Combichrist, Front Line Assembly, The Birthday Massacre, Hanzel Und Gretyl and several others who have shown their salt in the industrial and electronic scene, (and relax guys, I’m not forgetting about Grendel, Wumpscut and VNV Nation) I was quite happy to see that Dawn Of Ashes had finally dropped their deathcore act and found their place in a meld of black metal influenced industrial, which is much of what you’ll expect with another of the label’s acts, Psyclon Nine, Order of Shadows: Act I being their third release on Metropolis that consists of strong industrial metal with a sense of foreboding terror and slathered with bits of anarchy.

There’s just one problem with this package and that would be on the vocal side of things. For those of you who could not get into Cradle Of Filth because of Dani Filth’s vocal approach; I can assure you that you will have the same problem with Psyclon Nine. It literally does remind me of Dani Filth fronting an industrial metal band, resembling the sounds of cats scratching against a chalkboard and proving rather unfriendly to the ears. Though the other members of the band tried their very hardest to make a solid industrial metal album, this approach makes it tough to listen to; but perhaps it could grow on people after a while, I suppose. This album was a bit difficult to trudge through and I’m curious as to how the band’s earlier work might fare compared to it.

The band toured with Dawn Of Ashes as their opening band, and hopefully do a better job of offering this material on the stage instead of in the studio. Psyclon Nine definitely have the right idea here, mixing black metal elements and industrial elements together, but the vocal element was so frustrating that this became more of a chore to listen to than anything else. (Eric May)

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