Gospel Of War EP
(Escapist Records)

This is good, wholesome hardcore. Purgatory, hailing from Nebraska, knows exactly what they’re doing on their new release Gospel Of War EP. Their energy is refined to a point, everything about the EP is fantastic. From the build-up of the intro until the final breakdown of “Gospel Of War,” you will be moshing. The mix is that perfect in between of grit and polished, allowing the bass to lead every breakdown and bar. Guitars sound a little muddled on their own, but it works for this recording.

It’s a clear transgression against the code of hardcore if you don’t check this out. Very reminiscent of The King Is Dead-era Hoods, but much heavier and more work emphasized on the breakdown structure. Pretty much the only gripe is that it’s way too short. Each song definitely has room to expand beyond the two and a half minute long length, but it’s not a bad EP at all. (Ridge Briel)

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