All Re-Mixed Up
(Puscifer Ent)

As you might have guessed, this new Puscifer release is not a new studio album from the band. But it is still worth checking out for fans of Puscifer and of electronic music in general. With the light electronics featured on almost every track on the release, (thankfully, there’s not even a hint of dubstep) it almost verges into the realms of Maynard’s old band, A Perfect Circle. Yes, they’ve chosen a more subtle approach for the disc and have crafted one of the best electronic albums that I’ve heard in years. Being as much of an electronics/industrial fan as I am, I was really skeptical about this, remembering Rob Zombie’s last electronic remix album Mondo Sex Head and being for the most part very disappointed by the approach. All Re-Mixed Up is the farthest thing from that however and will certainly not disappoint.

“The Green Valley (Verde River Maestro 507 mix),” remixed by Rani Sharone of Stolen Babies (*all of Stolen Babies perform on track), actually sounds better than the original, and the kick of drums and added guitar influence make it a definite standout. But that’s just as much as the slow-trance of “Monsoons JLE Motorik mix” which sounds downright ethereal. “Telling Ghosts (Giorgia O’Queef mix)” benefits from a ghostly vocal approach and an electro-rock sensibility, while “Horizons (Dream Of A Lie remix)” reminds me of a steamy sex soundtrack. “Toma (Burn Out remix)” is a bit warmer and features a bit of a harsh vocal section as well. The added kick makes the rough nature of the original come across in the fashion that it should. Practically nothing here falls short of capturing the original. Finally, “The Weaver (Virtual Vacuum remix)” sees the electronic atmosphere at its most prominent, creating the sort of mood that could lift one up into the stars, if they were willing to make the travel.

But there are just a few tracks that didn’t strike me as being as strong as the others, like “Conditions Of My Parole (FUBAR mix)” or the closer “Tumbleweed (Delusions Of Grandeur mix)” which didn’t speak to me as much as they might to you. Keep in mind that these are just my opinions and don’t let them discourage you from checking out this album. It’s not just a remix album, it’s a reinvention of already solid work that adds to the original songs and I can’t find much fault in something that makes the original work sound even better. Once again, I was a skeptic when I first heard about this; but after hearing the work myself, I am truly impressed and consider this record a necessity. It’s not just a placeholder for a new album either, like you might think – it’s an hour’s worth of music that you’ll be playing again and again and again, possibly even discarding the original versions in lieu of these new mixes. They really are that damn good. (Eric May)


1. “Monsters” (Deconstruct) remixed by Mat Mitchell
2. “The Green Valley” (Verde River Maestro 507 mix) remixed by Rani Sharone (Stolen Babies)
3. “Monsoons” (JLE Motorik mix) remixed by Josh Eustis
4. “Telling Ghosts” (Giorgia O’Queef mix) remixed by Carina Round
5. “Horizons” (Dream of a Lie remix) by John Fryer (This Mortal Coil)
6. “Man Overboard” (11AD remix) by Alain Johannes
7. “Toma” (Burn Out remix) by Five Knives
8. “The Rapture” (JLE Needs Service mix) by Josh Eustis
9. “Conditions of My Parole” (F.U.B.A.R. remix) by Sir Mix-A-Lot
10. “The Weaver” (Virtual Vacuum remix) by Aaron Harris (PALMS)
11. “Oceans” (Green Mussel Mix) by Zac Rae
12. “Tumbleweed” (Delusions of Grandeur mix) by The Beta Machine


  1. Well said. I think it’s really solid, and I’m only a closet electronic/industrial fan, but there were some real gems, and overall the new take added a lot to (as you said) a preexisting solid body of work.

    • I was really unsure how this was going to sound. I mean, you’ve got dubstep influences that people use these days and I can’t consider them legitimate. I won’t beat around the bush, but there’s absolutely nothing in dubstep music that I even remotely understand. It really feels like rushed electronic music – EBM for dummies. Here, I didn’t get that and I was definitely surprised that Maynard and crew didn’t piggyback on the trends and made a wonderful electronic disc that’s worthy of the Puscifer brand.

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