Money Shot
(Puscifer Entertainment)

Puscifer, an ambient rock band and one of Maynard Keenan’s (Tool), many projects released their third studio album Money Shot. Puscifer developed in 1995 but didn’t produce a record until 2007’s release of V is for Vagina, waiting to hone their skills and create great music, no doubt.

Money Shot is an intriguing work but has both great and not so great elements. The lyrical poetry Maynard constructs is the album’s attractiveness. The record as a whole has a flair and vocal style similar to A Perfect Circle, one of Maynard’s other projects.

“Agostina” the second track on Money Shot represents the A Perfect Circle sound well and evokes a calmness with eloquent lyrics and a heartbeat-feel percussion. “Grand Canyon” is the most appealing track with a worldly feel to it, elicited by contrasting tones, harmonies and pulsating drums with tribal characteristics. The clash of styles and tones creates a seamless style perfect for the song. You can lay on the floor in the dark and get lost in the song. “Money Shot” is the heaviest track on the album, with a bass driven intro, edgy vocals and focused on circular riffs, but is not the most successful song for the new album.  (Macie Bennett)

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