Massachusetts natives, PVRIS are at it again! The band released their third full-length album called Use Me.

The album starts off with the upbeat, dance vibe of “Gimme a Minute,” which is one of their most recent singles. The whole album, for the most part, has more of a poppy feel, while still being alternative and dependent on the signature eerie PVRIS sound.

The music throughout the album might be upbeat, but the lyrics hold a heavy weight. With lyrics on “Good To Be Alive” and “Wish You Well,” it is clear that there is a lot to unpack lyrically with these songs.

There is a reflective tone on the album, which is not surprising since it has taken a while for the band to get the album where they want it, especially with a pushed back release date.

However, the most emotional song on the album might be “Loveless.” It is more acoustic and features the lyrics “if this is what love is, I guess I’m loveless.” That song alone is worth a couple of listens to get the full effect and theme of the album. It is the perfect song to encompass the emotional and lyrical content of Use Me.

Overall, the album is one of PVRIS’s best. From the lyrics to the signature sound (but still experimenting with that sound), and the album as a whole, it should meet the expectation of fans.

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