Feast Of Iniquity
(Unique Leader)

You know, I don’t really know how much core I like in my death metal, but these guys seem to have put a little too much core in it for me. According to the marketing speak, Pyrexia’s Feast Of Iniquity is supposed to be on-par with their ’93 release Sermon Of Mockery, and I can tell you with all seriousness, that it’s not. This album isn’t even in the same ballpark with that 1993 classic. There are good songs here, like “Cryptic Summoning” and “Wheel Of Impunity,” but then you’ve got to deal with fun little numbers, like “Panzer Tank Lobotomy,” that make me think it might really be a great idea to find a man who’s got a tank and doesn’t mind killing me by smashing my head underneath the treads. Yes, it’s that bad. Hardcore this thick does not belong on a death metal album, for any reason. It’s like putting chocolate in my chili. Usually I’m not so aggravated towards an album that I realize a band worked so hard to create, but this is definitely not the way to go about bringing yourself into notoriety. To be honest, this is a grave disappointment and I highly recommend that you just go find a copy of Sermon Of Mockery instead. Like a friend of mine sometimes puts it, “That’s unfortunate.”(Eric May)

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