Feast of Iniquity
(Unique Leader Records)

In no way am I a death metal purist. So, if you aren’t looking for bands that bend the rules of influence, you may want to read elsewhere. I am not saying they are some hybrid. This is death metal. Some songs, however, end up in a Sepultura Beneath the Remains/Arise category. Most songs do in fact have furious blast beats. There is no reason that this album cannot be appreciated in the same vein as Death or Deicide. Christ, most of this is faster than Spiritual Healing.

Pyrexia has been around since 1990. I have never heard of them. Apparently, those who had heard them, had some qualms about their mid career sound incorporating too much groove in their sound. Well, 2013 puts the sole original member, Chris Basile, with ex-Suffocation’s Pierced from Within’s Doug Bohn and Dave Culross (Suffocation, Malevolent Creation). And this is pure death metal gold.

Feast of Iniquity boasts titles such as “Panzer Tank Lobotomy”, and in that song you get a breakdown that should rile even amounts of hardcore kids and metal dudes. Each song is heavy. Wicked heavy. Tracks are propelled by twisting, gnarly riffs atop punishing drums. The vocals are guttural growls, but certainly palatable (as opposed to bands where it just gets ridiculous).

“Infliction”, the second track, is fast as hell, and monstrous in presence. It certainly can keep up with the drumming of a Phobia or Nasum. “Death Wish” starts slow and churning, like a descent in the roiling Styx. But quickly turns to machine gun fire speed pushing lyrics of damnation. And no way you can refute “Cryptic Summoning” with its “Blessed are the Sick” (Morbid Angel) adoration. Still “Wheel of Impunity” kills it. That is the hallmark of this record in speed and fury. But each song slays and I do not skip even one.

Zeuss is a common name on the production credits of a lot of albums I own: Full Blown Chaos, Throwdown, Hatebreed, 100 Demons, Ion Dissonance, Earth Crisis, Municipal Waste, Terror, Thy Will Be Done, Unearth, Blood Has Been Shed, Remembering Never, Arsis, Madball, AF. None of those bands are death metal, but Zeuss knows how to capture a riff. I believe that his ear applied to Pyrexia’s new team of metal vets helps Pyrexia avoid death metal stale redundancy. Hail the dark one.

FFO: Death, Weapon, Cannibal Corpse, The Red Chord, Obituary, Full Blown Chaos, Exhumed, Autopsy (Hutch)

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