Having garnered attention with their first single “LAK” in 2020, Quiet Like A Thief have administered a spirited and moving debut EP with Through The Looking Glass.

Following on from intro “Quantum,” lead single “Travel in Time” bursts out of the blocks as front =man Alex Kouvaris wills for better days, both past and future. Early on in the EP, Quiet Like A Thief establish a pattern that traces through the record, the effective contrast of bouncy, quick-fire guitars with a largely subdued subject matter and mournful vocals, a juxtaposition which at times makes for an intriguing and moreish collection.

Subsequently, “Weird But True” tackles negativity with abundant energy that channels New Found Glory’s more recent output, and “Scatterbrain” delivers another contemplative take on mental health and negative thoughts.

The EP is awash with nods to the band’s predecessors; splashes of blink 182 are prevalent throughout, with unmissable vibes of their more current peers such as Belmont and Can’t Swim also clearly discernible.

Closer, “Downward Spiral” is lyrically poignant, with the welcome addition of Hit The Lights’ vocalist Nick Thompson adding depth and assurance to the EP.

Through The Looking Glass is an uncomplicated, brief offering from the Boston pop-punk newcomers; Kouvaris’ coarse lead vocals aids in generating feeling with the collection of sub-three-minute singles leaving the listener wanting more, no bad thing set against today’s backdrop of instant gratification.

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