Raccoon Tour knows how to have a good time. Their music is a party at its peak, everybody at maximum entertainment and an endless flow of melodic energy. There’s no room for unhappy faces during the 34 minutes of The Dentonweaver. Musically, the songs are contagious and peppy, with the ukulele adding a nice touch.

Raccoon Tour blends styles of indie, folk, pop and emo into a sound reminiscent of a time in the 2000s (the past two decades have apparently blended together). While they sound similar to some of the popular bands of that time (The Postal Service, Fun.), they bring a harder edge and attitude. Leaning heavily on an emo/punk mixture (The Get Up Kids, Piebald), they bring a lot of other elements to the table.  A lot of songs have a pop punk sound similar to Mixtapes combined with some radio friendly folk that was popular years ago.

There are theatrical elements to Raccoon Tour, giving the band another layer of depth. This is the most interesting layer, as it separates them from their peers. Some songs sound straight out of an off-Broadway musical. Their ability to successfully combine a cluster of distinguishable sounds into coherent and enjoyable songs is the strength of principle songwriter Nate Burr. The songs all pop and would stand out when flipping through radio stations, causing the listener to stay on that channel and listen to the remainder of the song.

Sad songs get the majority of praise, but it’s the underrated cheery sounding songs that fill a much needed void. Raccoon Tour pulls this off with ease. Dentonweaver is an album meant to induce a comforting feeling. The songwriting is uplifting, giving off a feeling of encouragement and delight, even with darker lyrics.  The foundation has been built for this band to have a big future in mainstream music.

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