The Ramshackle Army
Letters From the Road Less Travelled
(East Grand Record Co.)

Melbourne, Australia Celtic folk-punks The Ramshackle Army broke onto the local scene in 2010 and quickly started playing to diverse crowds up and down the East Coast of Australia. Setting out to create party music, they combined Aussie folklore with personal experience, while drawing inspiration from the sounds of Australian and Celtic folk, with a heavy dose of the punk rock which they had grown up on…and for this I thank you.

Yes, I know…another Celtic punk band, but wait, just take a listen buddy, these guys and gal are tight, energetic and totally kick ass! The band plays with their hearts on their sleeves, and so heart fully that you are drawn into the songs as the album takes you to the pub, but not just for a drunken night of debauchery, you get a touch more of folk than just straight out punk in the sound. The feel of the album is pure punk, no wimpy sentiments, no trying to be anything other than a band that’s having a great time and wants to give one to the listener as, well with the ability to get you up and dancing and singing along. “Broken White Lines” is a real barn-burner, full of energy, and a real kick in the pants that I had to listen to a ton of times before carrying onto the rest of the album. I also really liked “Anchors Away,” “One Tree Hill,” “Skin Will Burn,” “Road Less Travelled,” and “Boilermaker’s Hands.”

A Celtic punk album that stands out from the crowded genre and gives me hope that there is more than just the re-hash of The Dropkick Murphys out there, and luckily here is a fine example of that. The more that I listen to this, the more that I can’t stop listening to it, so do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy and listen to a band that is at the top of their game. (Rick Ecker)

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