Ras Xix
Ras Xix

This one man band has put some miles on the board, coming from Singapore, then to Los Angeles, CA originally and now Austin, TX to record an album of tight songs. These eleven songs just exude energy, emotion and a sense of love that will get to you as soon as you start listening.

This kind of reminds me a bit of Lenny Kravitz on his first album with the textures and sounds of different genres all fitting together to create a cohesive collection of tracks. The songwriting is refreshing, with songs that cry out to your heart and feel personal, his playing has passion and a sense of recognizing not just modern music, but bringing in the feel of music from the sixties to now. His music is described as a mix of rock, progressive rock, acoustic, electronic, and world and it is a pretty decent example of all of these mixed together, even on one song, without going too far in one direction or another. Some of the songs that really stood out on this album were “Weightless With you,” “Over,” “Consent,” “New Religion,” and “Miss Simon,” which were the more rock oriented songs and “Nora 5,” and “If It’s Gone,” which are slower songs and the awesome “Las Arenas de Cartagena.” This song has a mid-tempo flamenco groove, with turn table scratching, an electronic groove and shows his smooth Spanish singing.

A very impressive debut album that will get repeated plays as soon as you hear it once. Grab a copy, check him out if you are able to since he is on the lookout for fellow players to do shows with and let the talent of one man prove that music can be inventive and well-done. (Rick Ecker)

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