The Ready Set
The Bad & The Better
(Razor & Tie)

The Bad & The Better is the second full-length release from Indiana electro-pop artist The Ready Set (Jordan Witzigreuter). Though it took several years to release a follow-up to the album that took him from just a kid writing songs to an artist touring with artists like Carly Rae Jepsen and Breathe Carolina, The Bad & The Better was well worth the wait.

Jordan’s voice is addictive and with catchy lyrics and electro-pop beats, it’s all but impossible to not fall in love. The Ready Set has progressed significantly from the first album – this is no longer catchy emo-pop but rather a combination of electro-pop and straight-up Top 40 ready pop. Think early Breathe Carolina meets new One Direction. In fact, it’s hard to believe that a few songs, particularly “Carry You Home” and “Higher” both of which are extremely reminiscent of The Ready Set’s previous platinum-selling single, are not getting air time on radios everywhere.

Being radio-ready does not disqualify The Bad & The Better from being a stellar album. The Ready Set displays a full range of talent from the “can’t get it out of your head” tunes to honest lyrics everyone can relate to in “Are We Happy Now?” (I get everything I want, then I’m over it/So remind me what I got so I don’t forget).

The Bad & The Better is truly an album worth owning but, at the very least, the songs “Carry You Home” and “Are We Happy Now?” are definite must-listens. (Sky Fisher)

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