Rebel Spies
Before I Die, I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!
(East Grand Record Co.)

This seven inch contains three blasts of punk rock that has hints of street punk, hardcore and rock that mix together flawlessly. Rebel Spies hail from Detroit, Michigan and play loud, fast, in-your-face punk rock the gets stuck in your head. The band is the brainchild of bassist Jeff Uberti, who recruited Jeff Sanguis on vocals, Tony “Vegas” Del Bel and Matt Wedge on guitars, and Ryan Vandeberghe on drums. They are a punk super group of sorts, featuring members of Suicide Machines, HiFi Handgrenades, Grande Nationals, Hellmouth, Left In Ruin, A-Gang, Fordirelifesake, and Skolars/Telegraph.

First song “We Must Be Cautious” has that nice hint of street punk with great gang vocals and a beat that makes you want to jump up and start dancing along to. “What Have I Done” has more of the hardcore sound with a nice crunchy sound that gets your blood pumping, and that brings us to the final song, “Fire When Ready” that has a touch of rock mixed with their punk, kind of like punk from the ’80s before it got watered down. Lots of energy across these three songs and you can hear the excitement and love that these guys have for what they’re doing.

A single that does its job, whets your appetite for more from them, so you had better go out and buy this so we can get more music from them. (Rick Ecker)

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