Beyond Recall
Worldwide Mission EP

“Hands Up / Eyes Closed / Heart Beat / Let’s Go” – this is an infectious way to kick off an album, and Beyond Recall do a solid job in fooling you into thinking they’re a pop-punk/hardcore affair, but Worldwide Mission takes several surprising turns before coming to an end. When all is said and done, you’ll find it hard to label this band any one genre.

While the first couple tracks – “Worldwide Mission Intro”, “We Create”, and “Mistakes” – are definitely more punk rock influenced than anything else, Beyond Recall spin its listeners on their ears once they’ve come to “Long Live Liberation”. Ignoring its forced political message at the front, the track goes on to breakdown left and right, bringing forth growling verses and a catchy chorus worth learning. The song also features some lyrics that will stand out as a whole when listening to this record in its entirety: “Listen up, if you want to question us about our genre, we don’t give a fuck / Because we can do what we want, I can write how I feel, cuz these feelings are real”. If that doesn’t just hit the nail on the head for this band…

“Long Live Liberation” is then followed by the 30H!3 -esque track, “Let’s Drive”. The electronic number (surprisingly) fits into the roll of the record, but it’s not the most memorable effort. It features enough potential that you do have to hand it to the band, however; they do have range. I think most can respect that. One of my favorite songs of this EP is “Answers To Survive”, which very reminiscent of a newly formed From First To Last (think back to their debut EP). It is then followed by the closing track, “(This Mission) The Absolute”, which is extremely crushing and angry (and, admittedly, I dig the rapping near the end).

Walking away from Worldwide Mission may leave you wondering what can be expected from a band that can’t stick with a genre, but at the same time you’ve got to be entertained by how well they do expressing themselves in various forms. This EP may have been obviously written by a younger group, but it shows quite a bit of potential. It’s just a matter of figuring out which direction Beyond Recall will take next. (Nathaniel Lay)

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