Reading, Pennsylvania death metal band Rivers Of Nihil spent all of last year writing their newest album The Work. This new album is an accomplishment for the band, and the time and effort they put into the writing really shows how far they have developed as a band, as musicians, and as songwriters.

Guitarist Brody Uttley explains, “It’s an album that almost sounds like a place rather than a thing. It puts you in this world where you’re not exactly sure what is going on at certain points, but eventually, it all comes together. It’s harsh and cold, but also warm and inviting,” and honestly, that is a perfect description of how The Work plays out.

Each song on the album offers an epic sound that ranges from explosive instrumentals to slow builds. Every part of the band shines in these songs, demonstrating how well trained they are at their art. If Rivers Of Nihil never makes another album, this will be a perfect bookend to their craft, and define their legacy as staples in the metal community.

The Work is a demonstration in how tight each instrument should be on an album. From the guitars to the drums, I see countless hours being utilized to perfect each instrument, and more importantly, the timing in the album. The screams tear into your ears, while letting the singing show its true beauty. The instruments are fierce, but soothing. Rivers Of Nihil really gave it their all on this.

Rivers Of Nihil even throw in saxophone on this album, which lend themselves masterfully to the sound this album takes on. More metal bands should take note and branch out of their comfort zone while experimenting with different sounds and instruments.

With singles “Clean” and “Focus” preceding the album, we get a good sense of how this album is going to sound. However, those songs don’t begin to fully prepare you for the onslaught of metal that is on this album. Especially in comparison to “Dreaming Black Clockwork,” “The Void From Which No Sound Escapes,” and “MORE?” some of the more heavy hitting songs off of The Work.

Ending on “Terrestria IV: Work,” Rivers Of Nihil leave you off on an eleven minute and thirty second slam dunk of a song. It’s technical. It’s heavy. It’s cathartic. It’s gripping. It’s an embodiment of what The Work is. And it’s honestly probably the most impressive song on the album.

Be sure to check out The Work when it drops September 24 on Metal Blade Records. You won’t want to miss out on this masterpiece of death metal.

Check it out here.


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