Rot In Hell / Psywarfare
(Magic Bullet Records)

Here is an odd one, but gladly accepted. Rot In Hell are prolific in their existence and a favorite band, for some early songs, the NIU EP, the Hordes split, Integrity split, and As Pearls Before Swine (which I bought on release day, no questions asked). Now Psywarfare on the other hand, I just wasn’t into since I first heard them on the Integrity split in 1996. It’s a Dwid noise side project. So I thought since my musical requirements have expanded, maybe it was time.

This EP is a disappointment. Hands down. Rot in Hell get 14 minutes of a noise intro that blends into an acoustic song sounding like commercial Scorpions. If this was the last song on a side A to break up scathing D-Beat fury, cool. Take a rest. Get deep and reflective. But I get one song from you dudes, and it’s all quiet.

And Psywarfare; I thought I could get into the possible playing of samples or screaming, but this is simply feedback mixed with static sporadically laced in occasional Dwid scream waaaaay low in the mix, indiscernable.

Dwid is putting out some cool shit lately, track that down. Go back in Rot In Hell’s catalog; plenty of metal-core, d-beat, crust, sludge to delve into besides this sleep inducing EP.

FFO: fading radio stations as you drive through Maine; battling insomnia (Hutch)

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