If you’re looking for something heavy, ear splitting, and filled with dread, then look no further.

The new album Spread Plague Death by death metal band RUIN is a gnarly, vicious attack on the listener that maintains a sick sound, and sacrifices nothing, except maybe a few virgins for Satan himself. In the thirteen track album, you’ll be transported to a world that is macabre, assaulting, and filled with low growls, backed by a cacophony of violent instrumentals.

Starting on an instrumental intro with a chorus of people singing some sort of hymn, “Antemortem Dread,” opens the album that has an eerie theme running throughout. Many songs start out with a voice over or some sort of creeping sound, setting the stage before the annihilation of music and vocals takes over. The outro, “Postmortem Dark,” serves as a proper instrumental bookend to the album, going out the same way the album began, before a backmasked voice leads you out, and leaves you to contemplate what just happened.

If anything is clear, it is that RUIN knows how to make a great album. 

Each track has phenomenal drumming, ranging from blast beats and double bass drumming, to slow beats where the China cymbal is about ready to explode. The guitars and bass are heavy and sludgy, really making the listener wade through deep waters of sound, and appreciate everything that is put in it.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the song titles. Track names like “Murderous Delirium”, “Ornaments of Flesh”, and “Awaken Rotting Decay” (amongst others), are a good indicator of what you’ll be hearing. With lyrics celebrating things of nightmares, total destruction, and all around hell-raising, the expectations of the genre are inherit in each track name.

RUIN’s vocals on this album are extreme, and honestly, some of the best in the genre. And that is all thanks to frontman Mihail Jason Satan. Each track he is on is nothing short of a stellar performance, and honestly, probably takes a heavy toll on his vocal chords and throat. From his deep growls, to high pitched screams, the listeners ears are not safe from his talent. 

Spread Plague Death is a brutalized lesson in death metal, and bands in the genre should take note. That being said, this is not an album for everyone. You need to like death metal in order to enjoy it.

You can catch Spread Plague Death by RUIN when it comes out on August 27th via Nameless Grave Records.

Check it out here.


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