Running Wild
Rapid Foray

Running Wild are sending off another ship, and it is bound for glory. Yes, that’s right mateys, the legendary pirate metal band from ye’ ol’ lore has come back for some heavy metal hammerin’ on these chains & leather seas.

Rapid Foray is a complete full length full of sweet speed metal riffs, German rhythms, and fun righteous anthems. It’s kind of hard to top the originators of the pirate theme in heavy metal, and Steamhammer knows that, so they sent this galleon out with as many guns as possible to show the world how it is done.

Rapid Foray includes a box set package, which includes a patch, sticker, mouse pad, poster, a hand signed photo card from lead singer and guitar player Rolf Kasparak.

You would expect in any Running Wild album, that there would be highs and lows, and this incredible journey takes us through rockin’ riffs of “Blood Moon Rising”, and the impressive “Last of The Mohicans” is a mighty send off with the traditional Running Wild epic outro. With songs like “Warmongers” and “Black Skies, Red Flag”, the band really does feel as true to the vintage sounds off of their classic material.

This slays. Each track is a killer. Do not be one of those false pirates who think that this here ship is losing her wind in the sails. Running Wild have recorded 11 tracks for you to ride the storm. Arrgh!

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