It’s been a minute since the 2015 release of Russian Girlfriends debut album, All Around. Since the release of the group’s debut, they have spent the better part of their time as a band establishing themselves in the punk scene by touring around the world with some of the biggest punk acts around. While hitting the road, the band have been able to earn fans’ admiration rather quickly for their just as energetic live performances. But, with 2019 officially here, the band has decided to unveil their follow-up release, and if anything can be said for it, it’s been worth the year’s long wait. 

In The Parlance Of Our Times, which is the latest effort from Russian Girlfriends, was released on June 21 via A-F Records and it’s chopped full of gritty, fast-paced punk tracks that not only have catchy backings but reflective lyrics. From the start of the album until the very end of it, In The Parlance Of Our Times highlights the band’s signature blend of high-energy punk rock with backing instrumentals that are taken straight from Albuquerque’s hardcore scene, all of which works to deliver one mind-boggling album that’s sure to leave you wanting to play it back right away. 

All in all, the album keeps things pretty diverse and interesting throughout its 12 songs track list. Whether it’s the gritty nature of Adam Hooks’ vocals, the insightful lyrics sure to speak to anyone listening or the aggressively quick pace of it all, the band ensures that things keep moving – never allowing for a dull moment to take place. It’s a solid album from beginning to end, and it officially allows fans to see an established group that have finally found their sound.

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