Behind The Realms of Madness [Reissue]
(Relapse Records)

This is the remastered and release of their debut album that originally came out way back in 1985. The album not only has better sound, but it also has seven previously unreleased bonus tracks and expanded art and liner notes.

The songs are tight and played furiously, with anger and energy to spare throughout the length of the album. The mix of hardcore, metal, thrash and crust sound fresh still and make this sound much more like a current album than something from the good old ‘80s. The songs come at you at an astonishing speed and with a heaviness that will bowl you over, but you will force yourself back onto your feet, and get into the pit and fight your way to the front and have your head nearly ripped off…and like it! The vocals are shouted with such venom from Lynda “Tam” Simpson, and she never lets the intensity up for a minute. The mind blowing guitar work is played by Damian Thompson who has such deft licks that you just get your air guitar out and play along with him. The bass playing from Tony May on (tracks 1-9, 12-13) is nice and thick; same with the playing from Frank Healy on (tracks 10-11). The pummeling drumming, that is incredible, is from Andy Baker on (tracks 1-9, 12-13), and Spike T Smith on (tracks 10-11). The tracks are all great with “A Violation Of Something Sacred” being one of my favorites with its devastating sound that grabs you and won’t let you go. The playing is fast and furious, but there is great energy, anger and that fantastic guitar playing just gets me every time. As I listened to this album, I wondered what happened to bands that could mix up the genres and get people from different tribes to listen to the same band, and then I realized something, this band took a chance and ran with it and it worked perfectly. This is the kind of album that holds up, and obviously will hold up as a classic.

I haven’t been able to stop playing this and suggest that it should come with a warning sticker that tells everyone of how addicting the music is. Grab this, turn it up and have the time of your life.

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