Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost My Mind
(Community Records)

Safety are a three piece indie rock outfit based out of Tampa, FL. The group has been together since the members were in their early teens, and their music has matured just as much as they have over the years. Their third EP, Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost My Mind will hit stores August 14 via Community Records. I know that’s a few weeks to go still, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost My Mind kicks off with my personal favorite track on the EP. “The Shadow Over Brooklyn” is fast paced, and has a punk rock feel to it. Relatively speaking, it’s probably one of the “heaviest” tracks on the EP. It offers up a solid dose of aggressiveness that you won’t find in the rest of the tracks. I have said in past reviews that I wished the rest of the songs on album sounded like the first one, as it seems bands usually like to put their best work right at the beginning and sort of let the momentum trail off by the end. That is not the case with this EP. This may be my favorite track, but the rest of the songs have something unique to offer the listener as well.

“Ultraviolet Light” has some of the catchiest lyrics on the album. It’s a little bit more on the mellow side, but the chorus is so infectious I’ve been singing it over and over again in my head for days. That kind of infectious lyrical content is especially needed when there are only a small number of tracks. Full-length albums can get away with having a weak song or two generally – but with an EP one or two weak tracks can ruin the entire experience. That is certainly not the case with Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost My Mind. Each song has something to offer, and they are all incredibly enjoyable to listen to. My second favorite track is the last one. “Derealized” focuses on the ending of a relationship. He uses the word “derealized” throughout the song; highlighting his state of mind regarding an emotional separation. Though the EP is short – only five songs – it easily has as much life to it as any full-length out there today.

Throughout the EP Safety reminds me of a variety of bands. At times they remind me of Hawthorne Heights, like in the first portion of “Ultraviolet Light.” In “A Wealth Of Sorrow In A Few Words” there are a few verses that remind me of Senses Fail – though for the most part it sounds quite a bit like Bleach Blonde. In fact, if you are a fan of bands like Bleach Blonde then you will likely dig this group as well. They have a lot to offer in such a short EP, which is why it’s entirely too easy to just let it keep spinning all of the way through multiple times.

It’s quite obvious that the men in this band are passionate about what they do. They eloquently express an array of emotions with their blended pop punk and rock influences. Each song has its own story to tell, and the EP runs at 100% from the first note to the last verse. Their lyrics are relatively simple, but they are still creative enough to keep you hooked. Let’s just hope that they take the same energy they put into this EP and continue to craft similarly enthralling albums in the future. If they do, then they should have no problem earning themselves a vast range of dedicated fans in no time.

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