Satan’s Host
Predating God Parts 1 & 2

These metal veterans come from Colorado and they’ve been making tunes since way back in ’86 even though I’ve just now heard them for the very first time on this extravagantly impressive record. You see, these guys have taken all of the styles that influenced them like thrash, power and death metal and combined it all into one incredibly memorable piece that you won’t soon forget. Not only do the songs have a healthy amount of thrash and heavy metal might, but they also contain slight instances of death metal wherein a growl will surface from time to time, which sort of sits their current style as sort of a power/death, which I can certainly get behind as there aren’t too many bands like that out there. But thrash fans are going to find themselves completely seized within the grip of this dual disc set, as they wonder at the same time where such air raid sirens and passionate guitar solos might have spawned from. It’s truly an immense piece of work, filled to the brim with everything that makes their mix of power and thrash metal so brilliant. Each song offers enough muscularity to keep the listener hooked, waiting for the next chapter in this extensively meaty saga. Additionally, all of the songs on this disc are well over the five minute mark, which shows that the band didn’t opt to making any short radio cuts within what is essentially a true representation of everything that makes up classic power metal and thrash. There’s no doubt in my mind that fans of Sanctuary, Iced Earth, Jag Panzer and several others in this vein will certainly adore the work presented here and hopefully more people will learn about the band from this release. With an act this potent and steadfast, it’s surprisingly that I haven’t heard them until now. It would be a wise idea to start with this record and work your way down to the band’s debut. With luck, this album will do so well that the band’s previous material can be reissued and available to those who may not have heard it as well. Satan’s Host might have been around since I was a two, but twenty eight years prove that they’ve still got it. Some bonus tracks are included on the record, just to make your purchase even more worthwhile. There’s no better time than now to observe this ancient beast. (Eric May)

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