The Maryland group Savage Hands pack pinnacles of powerfully soaring emotion into their debut full-length album, The Truth In Your Eyes, which is available via SharpTone Records now.

The group blends the catchy, poignant melodies of post-hardcore with the heavy, physically foreboding breakdowns of the most intense metalcore and, in addition to other memorable elements like a rapped segment, they top off the mixture with the flourish of frontman Michael Garrow’s vocals.

Garrow’s contributions feel like a real highlight of this record. His clear-but-desperate, emotional dynamics make the emotional journey that the band have embarked upon pretty much inescapable for the listener and the catchy, melodic turns throughout the album support that journey perfectly.

The band sound incredibly honest. Their bursts of musical and emotional passion really define this record. Whether they’re performing one of the heavier sections, something relying majorly on smooth electronic beats, or something that memorably mixes the two, like closing track “Never Change,” the energy consistently feels turned up to just the right point to invigorate these songs.

Whether or not the lyrical stories’ focus on the pain of tumultuous, interpersonal relationships feels immediately applicable, it’s hard not to feel and appreciate the passion with which the band have rushed headfirst into confronting their personal demons.

Savage Hands include memorable elements like an occasional pop-punk bombast, powerful but intricate riffing, and really stunning breaks into heaviness that feel like shots of adrenaline straight in to the arm. The transitions between all of these components are always smooth. Although their dynamics vary, sometimes dramatically, nothing ever really feels haphazardly slapped together.

Underneath all of the earnest emotion, Savage Hands feature really solid songwriting that always keeps the listener headed a memorable and cohesive-feeling direction. The album feels like the sound of struggling to come to terms with some really desperation-inducing life situations, like drug addiction and the many complicated emotions that go along with that.

But the band don’t leave listeners mired in the muck; they offer a truly musically thrilling portrait of this darkness, which feels ready made to stick for a range of settings from everyday listening to no doubt energetic and serious live performances from the band.

Purchase The Truth In Your Eyes here.

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