It is not surprising to learn that Save Face is from New Jersey. Their bouncy yet theatrical punk pop style is a combination of the sounds their state mates were making 15-20 years ago. They’ve added some tweaks and put their own spin on the music, but Another Kill for the Highlight Reel has that New Jersey sound.

The music covers a lot of styles. There is punk, post hardcore, pop punk, emo, hardcore, rock and roll, screamo and Broadway. The talented band meshes everything well, creating an energetic batch of songs. The songs pick from all of these styles, giving a well rounded listen.

Save Face mostly resembles My Chemical Romance. The arrangements and dark aura are similar. The macabre feel to the music contrasts with the pop punk voice of Tyler Povanda, which has a more upbeat feel. They also take influence from Saves the Day and Thursday (Geoff Rickley provides guest vocals on “A.M. Gothic”). They meld these three somewhat different styles together well, creating a fun album that brings fond memories of the bands that influenced them.

Save Face uses theatrical elements to their songs. Some parts sound straight out of musical theatre (minus the group vocals and dancing). The use of piano adds an extra layer of depth and beauty to the album. Its not present on every song, which makes the songs featuring piano really stand out. Piano opens the album and takes lead on album closer, “Please Kill Me,” which replaces guitars with a string arrangement.

Save Face has picked good bands to model their sound after, and they pull it off effortlessly, which can prove difficult to do. The music has energy and feel. There are complex layers and theatrics. The songs are catchy and memorable, which is the goal for most bands. Another Kill for the Highlight Reel is a solid release that should pave the way for a bright future.

Save Face


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