Say Anything
I Don’t Think It Is
(Equal Vision Records)

I Don’t Think It Is has saved Say Anything. Granted, Anarchy, My Dear was a solid record, but the band hasn’t really turned heads since In Defense of the Genre of 2007. Luckily, that is all about to change. These twelve tracks are some of the very best Max Bemis has ever written. Their grinding honesty and gritty passion bring to mind the days of …Is a Real Boy, but with more feedback and writing maturity. “Give a Damn” is often explosive and surprising; “Rum” has that poet-like sound that made Bemis so popular during his break out; “The Bret Easton Ellis School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” brings the most melody to the table, along with a story we’ve all seen firsthand; “Attaboy” consumes and implodes in its end; and “Varicose Visage” is downright catchy and unique (think of “Admit It!!!”, but shorter and angrier vocally). I Don’t Think It Is returns Say Anything to glory with ease. It’s almost a surprise to hear the band sound this damn good again. (Nathaniel Lay)

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  1. Sorry whoever wrote this is not a true fan or even understands Say Anything I feel. Your review is mad generic I could write a better one only listen to album twice. Say Anything has been making ground breaking music since they started. This album is dope and is worthy of a more wordy review.


  2. Steve Mish Reply

    I don’t think you and I are listening to the same album. The recording on this album sounds like it was made in a shed in the backyard with a broken tape recorder. There are some parts that are decent, but the overall bad quality of the recording makes it unlistenable. It sounds like these were demos or B-Sides for the “Baseball” album that were cut from that album for a reason. I think they just pressed record and expected anything they did would somehow be presentable. The painful “yelling” and odd song structure make for a very weak effort in my opinion. The album seems rushed and thoughtless.

  3. 4.5? You must be huffing glue. This guys last 3 records have been fucking terrible, and blogging/twitter fan boys have been blowing him the entire time, keeping him from thinking he may need to actually try. He’s even quoted this article funnily enough, keeping his echo-chamber going.

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